Allee Bleue Herbs

The 10m x 30m tunnels were chosen for this project due to the fact that various varieties and types of herbs are being grown and growing is simplified when this is done in seperate structures.

Location Western Cape, South Africa
Structure Tunnel 10m
Crop Herbs
Size 9,000m²
The crops can be irrigated and managed seperately and independantly also allowing for rotation and staggered planting to be applied more efficiently.

The structures have side vents down the length for additional ventilation as well as small pedestrian entrances next to the main doors to allow for easy access during the winter periods. The height of these tunnels is 4.5m at the apex which also helps with keeping the climate moderate and changes in temperature as slow and gradual as possible in these naturally ventilated structures. All crops are grown in Mapal polypropylene growing troughs 80cm wide, 17cm high and these are filled with a 70/30 mix of cocopeat and chips growing medium to allow for improved drainage.

Fertigation is applied via pressure compensated non-leakage dripperline and the EC of the mix is monitored and maintained by a Netafim Fertikit system.

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