Case Study


Emseni Farming is one of the biggest sweet pepper producers in the country,
with almost 10 hectares of Vegtech greenhouses

Location KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Structure Closed Roof Pad & Fan
Crop Vegetables
Size 100,000m²
Emseni Farming is one of the biggest sweet pepper producers in the country. It’s a project that keeps on growing and to date Vegtech has completed more than 10 hectares of high-tech greenhouses, with further expansions already planned.

The climate control system, in 4 independent growing areas, includes pad & fan cooling, coal-fired hot water heating system, 1,500m³ heat storage tank, thermal screens, a de-humidifying system, and circulation fans. The crop is grown in coco peat growbags on Netafim’s Horti-gutters and a complete Netafim greenhouse irrigation solution was designed and installed, including drain water recycling and UV treatment.

The integration of these systems is managed by Netafim’s latest Crop Management Technology (CMT). Over the last 10 years (6 projects), and in collaboration with the growers at Emseni Farming, innovations, such as 72m between pad and fan, back-to-back internal wetwall cabins, and large structures, have enabled Vegtech to refine an undercover growing solution that perfectly suits the harsh KZN climate. Record yields have again been achieved, and already, Emseni Farming and Vegtech, together, are planning further expansion.

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