Graceland Hydroponics

Graceland Hydroponics is one of the biggest producers of cucumbers in South Africa.

Location North West, South Africa
Structure Closed Roof 9.6m
Crop Vegetables
Size 30,000m²
Cucumbers need a stable climate with moderate temperatures and humidity to achieve high yields. In the area of Brits, the summers are very hot and dry, with high insect pressure

In the area of Brits, the summers are very hot and dry, with high insect pressure. The winters are cold with occasional frost. It was decided that the best structures would be the closed Classic with Pad & Fan for cooling in summer. The pad is covered with anti-virus netting to prevent insects being sucked into the greenhouse. The plastic cladding is IR 504, a highly thermic plastic giving frost protection in winter, as well as moderating the winter temperatures. In the first crop in the greenhouse the grower achieved record yields.

Vegtech, together with Netafim, designed and supplied the complete pumphouse with a Neta-Jet fertigation unit and climate control.

In 2013, Vegtech completed two new greenhouse structures for Graceland Hydroponics. Despite the excellent results this grower has had with Pad & Fan cooling, the operational cost has become more of a factor, and a new approach was considered. The two new 9.6m Closed Classic structures moderate the climate using gable-side top-down curtains, a short gutter length, and exhaust fans. In addition, thermal screens were installed to control radiation in summer and store heat in winter. The structures are covered in Sunsaver AV High-Diffused plastic.

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