This project for the Ministry of Agriculture of Botswana, for the division of National Master Plan for Arable Agriculture and Dairy Development (NAMPAADD), was part of the Model Farm Project.

Location Botswana
Structure Tropic 6.4m & Net-house
Crop Vegetables
Size 7,000m²
The idea was to set up model farms to demonstrate various agricultural technologies with the aim of setting up similar farms all over Botswana.

Vegtech was awarded the tender to supply a high-tech greenhouse and a net-house at a farm near Dikabeya south of Francistown.

The climate is hot and dry in summer, with cold nights in the winter, and low humidity throughout most of the year. The Tropic Sawtooth with its excellent ventilation was chosen as it would give sufficient ventilation in the summer and could be closed in winter. A thermal screen with Aluminet was installed to moderate the climate, keeping the greenhouse warmer in winter and protecting the crop from harsh radiation in summer.
The  net-house was covered in 50 mesh Anti-Virus netting with double doors to provide an insect free environment within the shade net-house.

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