Greenhouses Structures

Advanced structures to meet your budget, climate and crop requirements.

Whatever your crop and climate requirements, we will create an undercover growing structure to meet your needs.

Designed to the highest local and international standards, our extensive range of structures is always evolving. Our team of engineers and agronomists are here to provide you with the most advanced undercover growing solutions available today.

Vegtech offers a wide range of greenhouse structures, suitable for a diverse range of climate conditions. All our structures are custom-designed and developed to suit specific requirements. The Classic Greenhouse range offers several base models, that can be configured to provide the optimal solution suitable for specific climate conditions and crop requirements.


The Classic Greenhouse range includes the following basic configurations:

  • Closed roof
  • Fixed vent
  • Fixed vent with roof curtain
  • Single rack & pinion roof vent
  • Butterfly – double rack & pinion roof vent
  • Tropic

The polyethylene cover is connected with reusable PVC, aluminum, or galvanized spring locking profiles. 
It is designed for standard wind loads of up to 150 km/h and vertical loads of up to 40 kg/m².

  • Gable Width: up to 12.8m
  • Section: 4.0m
  • Gutter Height: up to 5.75m


Vegtech’s net-houses provide a high return on investment for growing vegetables and flowers during hot seasons in arid regions. Insect proof nets provide protection from virus and insect damage, significantly reducing the use of chemicals. Innovative dual sloped roofs facilitate optimized light transmission, natural ventilation, and reduced water penetration during rainfall. The net-houses’ robust construction enables it to withstand wind forces of up to 120km/h and support trellising loads of up to 25kg/m².



Vegtech’s walk-in tunnels are made of high quality galvanized components and offer a low cost, yet effective and durable undercover growing solution. The growing season is extended, yield is increased and quality is improved, ensuring a high return on investment. The tunnels are easy to install, low maintenance and are suitable for all types of crops.

  • Gable Width: 10m
  • Section: 2 or 3m
  • Tunnel height: up to 4.5m
  • Curtains on tunnel’s side walls provide cross ventilation
  • Designed to withstand winds of up to 100km/h, and trellising loads of up to 20kg/m²