Growing Products

Tried and tested products, plastics and nets to enhance your growth.

Through first hand experience in farming and using expert advice from leading thinkers in the industry, our manufacturers and suppliers are carefully selected to bring you a range of horticultural products that are of the highest quality.

Whatever your growing needs, we’ve got you covered. Our wide range of international and local growing products, plastics and nets have been tried and tested by expert growers, and are endorsed by leading agronomists. Whatever your needs are, ask us and we’ll recommend the right products for your crop and climate requirements.


For over 20 years Vegtech has been importing agricultural films into southern Africa, this vast experience together with our suppliers’ knowledge and expertise has ensured that our clients receive products of only the highest quality.

Our range includes the innovative Sun Selector™ and Mulch More™ products manufactured by world-renowned Ginegar Plastic Products, the first agri-film producer to use revolutionary five-layer technology with selected additives. This five-layer technology enables them to insert the additives into the films far more accurately, thus improving their performance and lifespan.

These photo-selective films are the result of high-level agronomic research and 30 years of manufacturing experience to bring the perfect combination of strength, versatility, light transmission and cost-efficiency to almost any farming application.


Vegtech offers a wide range of specialized nets needed to combat common problems occurring in modern agricultural environments as well as enhancing the plants growing conditions.

Growing Mediums

Growing Mediums are used in hydroponic farming instead of soil. Good hydroponic growing mediums will be sterile, retain moisture, provide support for the plants, be inert, be of neutral pH and contain nothing that can be taken up by the plants. There are various types available, each with its own characteristics.

Growing Systems

Vegtech offers a range of growing troughs as well as trellising systems for use in greenhouses, shade houses and tunnels. These systems are specifically designed to optimize growing conditions and increase yields.