Lebombo Cape

The Lebombo group approached Vegtech to design a greenhouse project for a new development at Lebombo Cape near Wellington.

Location Western Cape, South Africa
Structure Tropic 6.4m
Crop Vegetables
Size 3,700m²
With the price and reliability of electricity becoming increasingly relevant, growers are having to reconsider the benefits of forced-ventilation versus naturally ventilating structures.

Pad & fan cooling provides excellent results and the challenge was to achieve similar results and reduce energy consumption. As such, Vegtech supplied a 6.4m Tropic greenhouse providing an overhead ventilation ratio of over 26%, as well as side curtains opening from the top down. This unique feature has several agrinomical benefits and allows cool air to enter the structure in winter without stressing young or sensitive plants.

In order to further control the environment, a misting system, a thermal screen, and circulation fans were installed.

The crop is grown in Pelemix coir growbags on Mapal drainage gutters with spacers and a complete Netafim greenhouse irrigation solution was designed and installed. The integration of these systems is managed by Netafim’s latest Crop Management Technology (CMT). So far, excellent results have been achieved growing tomatoes, and further expansion is being planned.

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