Limberlost is one of the leading strawberry and pepper growers in the country.

Location Western Cape, South Africa
Structure Closed Roof 9.6m
Crop Vegetables
Size 25,000m²
The greenhouses have been erected mainly for pepper production for Woolworths.

The majority of the strawberry production is done in open field using Selective Light Transmission mulch also supplied by Vegtech, but there is also some work being done with these inside the structures. Stellenbosch is an area that can get quite hot in summer but also cold, wet and cloudy in winter, there are various greenhouse types using different ventilation methods used for different production periods.
The pad & fan evaporative cooling systems allow them to cool and humidify significantly in summer and along with fully automated screens enables very good yields during the very hot summer months. The farm also utilises boiler heating systems along with thermal screening to enable good production through the colder months.

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South Africa, Western Cape


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South Africa, Western Cape