Climate Control

Smart systems to create the optimal climatic conditions for your crops.

Climate control systems are essential to maintain the optimal climate inside a greenhouse. These systems can be controlled by the grower, or automated to react to the constantly changing outside conditions, and manipulate the internal climate according to the needs of the crop.

According to the local conditions and crop requirements, it may be necessary to heat, cool, de-humidify, and increase or decrease radiation in the structure.

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The simplest way to cool a greenhouse structure is by means of air exchange between the air inside the structure and the atmosphere outside. This exchange is accomplished either passively through roof and side vents, or actively by operating fans that increase the rate of air exchange when natural air exchange is insufficient for the plant’s requirements.

If air exchange alone is not sufficient, then evaporative cooling may be necessary. There are two main systems that Vegtech supplies: Pad & Fan and High-Pressure Fogging.


In order to grow throughout the year, heating is often required. There are many factors to consider when heating a greenhouse, from the heat source and the availability of fuel (coal, LPG, oil or electricity), to the layout and requirements inside the structure. Our team of engineers takes all of these factors into account when designing the system, in order to guarantee an efficient system with a short return on investment.

climate control screening


Shade and thermal screens are used to moderate day/night temperatures in greenhouses. They provide uniform shade and some control air movement and enhance the diffused light in the structure. Thermal Screens protect against frost and save energy in heated structures. Screens with blackout cloth are also available for crops that require day-length manipulation. Vegtech’s screens are designed and supplied by Alweco, one of the world’s leaders in greenhouse screen systems and a trusted Vegtech partner.

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