Producers of world-class Coir products for cultivation solutions

A Growing Medium Like No Other

Riococo is one of the world’s largest suppliers of coir growing media. Since the company’s inception, they have been manufacturing world-class coir products from their facilities in Sri Lanka.

Their use of the highest quality raw materials, which were produced by nature and combined with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, enables them to produce the highest quality coir fiber products.

Riococo coir has excellent porosity and water holding capacity, which can be changed according to crop requirements by blending different grades of coir. It has ideal chemical characteristics for plant production. It can be reused for several crop cycles and can be easily disposed of without any environmental concerns.


Coir is a natural, and renewable resource produced from mature coconut husks. Coir fiber is a coarse material obtained from the husk surrounding the coconut seed.

Riococo coir substrate products originate from Kurunegala in the heart of Sri Lanka’s coconut triangle. Here the coconut palms flourish in the region’s rich soil and humid tropical climate.

Riococo coir was introduced in 2004 after many years of extensive testing, research and development combined with customer feedback. Carefully selected raw materials are blended together to produce high quality coir substrates in different formats. Riococo owns eight production facilities in Sri Lanka. These operations have the capacity to produce 4 million greenhouse grow bags per year along with other growing medium products.

Riococo coir is lightweight and can be compressed into a variety of shapes. It decomposes slowly due to its high lignin content. It is uniform and consistent because of the production process that uses various sieving systems and mixes different particle grades.

Riococo coir is widely available and doesn’t create any environmental problems during the production process like other inorganic growing media. Riococo is the first North American-based company to obtain the OMRI listing for coconut fiber.

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